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Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions answered by Master Mehdi Zand. This page is updated reqularly with new questions, so make sure to check back often.

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What system do you teach?

It is called Sef Shin.

Could you explain in simple terms, what Sef Shin is?

The word Sef Shin is from the language of Ser-ra, and it means the secret combat of fire. It is a scientific approach to develop the mind and body to its ultimate potential.

Sef Shin is a fusion of the power and strength of Japanese Karate, the fluidness and agility of Chinese Wushu combined with the devastating techniques and the movements of the warlords of The Exordium.

How does The Exordium relate to Sef Shin?

In the tale of The Exordium, Sef Shin is the very same system of combat that is taught to the warriors who battled to uphold justice and defend against the wandering enemies that roamed the universe to control and dominate the weaker species.

What is your ambition for Sef Shin?

To make it known throughout the world and I hope one day many will recognise and practice this Art.

Do you practice every day?

Basically yes. I use every opportunity I have.

Have you ever had to use Sef Shin to defend yourself?

Yes, unfortunately I had to.

I have heard you can use a sword blindfolded, is that true?

Yes, I can.

How are you able to do this?

I use certain senses that are not usually used. I have developed a way to feel the touchable energy around me. That includes hidden sounds, static and dynamic energies.

When did you realise you could do this?

In my late 20s.

Some People regard you as the best swordsman in the world, what do you think of this?

They are honouring me with their kind words. I am just doing the best I can.

Is it also true that you can use a sword in both hands?

I don’t want to be big headed but yes, that is correct.

I have heard you will start teaching Shamshir (sword). When will that be?

I will start teaching soon.

What do you think the people will gain out of this art?

I believe the sword is a specific discipline that will help people to focus and concentrate in their lives. It also teaches patience, accuracy and mind-over-matter techniques which I believe is essential.

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