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mehdi zand
Grandmaster Mehdi Zand-Action Poster

The Founder Grandmaster Mehdi Zand began his distinguished career as a young nine year old boy who had snuck into the local cinema eager to watch his first martial arts movie, the King Boxer (Five Fingers of Death).

Even to this day he happily remembers the thrilling excitement he felt as the curtain pulled back and the screen flickered to life. Watching the movie with big eyes he was filled with wonder igniting an insatiable fire in his belly that yearned for more, there was no turning back.

Each subsequent new film that he saw fuelled a fresh dream to learn, practice and be the best martial artist he could. It was a dream that never died and within a matter of weeks he convinced his parents to take him to karate classes at the local army base.

Each time he attended, the smell of the gym and energy of the tussle students caused him to bubble with a mixture of apprehension and excitement but still something was missing, he wanted more.

By the time he came to the United Kingdom in his late teens, the desire to learn more had taken him through many combat styles such as Karate Kung Fu and Olympic Freestyle Wrestling. The last of these disciplines, having a strong tradition within his family, was practiced with world class wrestlers who were present on the world stage.

His flourishing natural skill and ability was soon noticed allowing him the opportunity to practice with national youth team. It was a fantastic offer that eventually he refused, wanting to continue to his process of learning and evolution.

In his late teens his focus remained strong as he searched the length and breadth of the UK for new styles of martial arts from which he could learn. Wu Shu Quan, Nam Pai Chuan, Wing Chung, Shotokan and Philippines Escrima are but a few of the styles he practiced.

Eventually he discovered a system that seemed to satisfy his desire, Ti Zen Quan a mixture of Japanese strength and the fluency of Chinese martial arts and following his dream to be recognised worldwide he practised relentlessly, every day.

A decade later his determination, focus and diligence earned him the highest distinction available, Red Belt. Even though he had learnt everything the system had to offer but still the desire to evolve and progress pushed him forward.

This momentum continued, building a well respected reputation within the world of martial arts. Featured several times in media publications such as Combat and Fighter Magazine, fame was soon to follow. Even the BBC World Service could not resist featuring his story after one of its reporters was captivated by his amazing and mystical martial art movement and blindfolded sword demonstrations.

Despite many other excellent expertises, his sword skill became one his most outstanding ability. As his personal student who has witnessed this phenomenon in public and among close friends and family, I can testify it is truly something unbelievable to behold. No matter being blindfolded and disoriented, his blade has never failed to find its target. The last of these demonstrations was conducted in 2007 in front of 400 people, astonished by what they saw.

When asked, the Grandmaster attributes this unusual ability to an inspiration that comes from within himself and how soon he was able to demonstrate dexterity that would have taken years to perfect.

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand and his systems of combat are accepted by major martial arts councils and federation across the world. He has also been presented numerous exceptional qualifications and awards that stand as a testament, not only to his skill, determination and ability but also to his contribution to the community as a whole. It is no wonder that he was awarded numerous humanitarian awards including Nepal Medal of Humanity andThe Order of the Golden Cross. He was presented Founder of the Year 2010,2011 and 2012, Martial arts Man of the Year 2013, Living Legend award 2014 and Sheild of Honour 2015. Platinum martial artist legend award as well as the world famous Chinese Medal of Dragon and MAA-I Cross of Honour. For full details please click here.

Full details of his qualifications can be seen by clicking here.

Still the evolution continues and Grandmaster Mehdi Zand is constantly pushing beyond any obstacles in his path to further his knowledge and positively promote the martial science.

For more infomation on the status of Grandmaster Mehdi Zand please vist www.mehdizand.org.